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Hey guys…I’m in the process of reorganizing and moving things around.
So that i can post up the albums and music that you guys have requested  faster…
So  if  anyone finds any broken links 
 make sure you  totally let me know, k?

( And as always Song/Album Request r welcomed too… )




 To access all Artist singles and Album click on : Artist and Groups
To access all Drama OST’s click on: Drama OST’s


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Drama OSTs





* All music linkys are posted for Promotional Use Only!*
*This site is not responsible for anything as it only provides links.*
*So please support these amazyly talented artist and go BUY their single/albums/ soundtracks.*


  1. hey. it’s been a while since your last post. i miss your posts and uploads.

    anyways, if you time, could you upload the ost of minami shineyo (you’re beautiful). the story is really good, and it’s not just some ordinary plotline. the artistic qualities of this series is considerably high. plus, the songs are also good.

    thanks, and good day!

  2. hi dear! thks for uploading e songs! =)) but some of the songs, like Paradise and Stand By Me from Boys over flowers ost are adruptly cut off towards the end! =( i don’t know about the other songs, only had the time to listen till here hhaha

    • eekkkeee, i think the uploader cut those off…!
      I’m soo sry. Thanks 4 let me know, I’ll re-upload then again.

  3. hey, can you place some ss501 songs for download. i’m in love ❤ with kpop right now. thanks.

    • sure, I was planning to upload they’re new album this week.
      I love that song “Love like this”…

  4. how do u download d songs??

    • You have to click on the link, that should take u over to my mediafire acc., then just click on the song you want.
      But you might have to disable ur pop-up blocker in order to get the download file window to pop up.
      Let me know if this helps, if not just email me @ add i’ll mail you the link, k?

  5. LOVE the SONGS!!!!!!!Thank YOU!!!KAMSAMIDA

  6. by the way, don’t worry, i won’t download everything. i’m planning to buy their album this weekend. 😀

  7. oh my gosh! i love you. thank you so much for uploading all these songs and making them available for downloading. i got super obsessed with boys over flowers and i love all their songs. thanks again1 😀

    • Awww, ur so totaly welcome…!
      Lol…me too…! Now i few like something missing
      with all the BOF madness, in my life… 🙂

  8. Hi, I would like to request for the OST of MiSa (I’m sorry, I love you) – it was a KBS series from 2004…there were two editions, but I can’t seem to find a working version of the second, and I’m hoping you can help with that…Please? Thanks alot.

    • hey… nano…! Sure, no problem..! Do you want both..?
      I should have them up by friday.
      I actually have pieces of that OST, too.. but i had no clue they made had two full versions.

        • nano
        • Posted September 12, 2009 at 12:37 am
        • Permalink

        Yeah…the second one has music that weren’t included in the first one, and the theme songs sung by different people, I think.

  9. Thank you very much I Love This!!!

  10. Hellos .
    Can you help me get My Girl OST please ?
    I really want it badly .
    Thanks .

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