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Eekkkeeee…! “Top…!” Enough said…!

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Release Date: 2009-11-13

 OMG… this album is sooo emo and yet still sexy…! Read More »


Oh~ man…! Even with all the hardship they’ve been going through… 
2 pm never fails to set the bar far above all of my other kpop b-groups favs..! And this MV, proves it…! 
I think i’ve watched this on shot wit sexy taec like 100x already  today…!
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I know this news is kind of old… but i my random/lazyness i decied i’d repost this articel Seoul Newspaper that was translated by kokonut over @
a few days ago..And although its a summary of a DBSK’s detailed contract, to say the lest its very distrubing….! 

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SHINee- 2009, Year Of Us
ALBUM TYPE: Mini Album
Release Date: 2009-10-27

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Yea…! Kim Hyun Joong is back… and semxy than everrrrr..! 



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This MV is soo surgary sweet and yet soo sad…!

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ALBUM TYPE Album (4th album; Korean version)
RELEASE DATE 2008.07.14






Man, idk about you guys but I am soo happy that kpop is finally getting back in to the swing of things…! With the overload of all these b-groups flooding the scene lately it’s actully niece to see some familair faces taking the lead…!


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Look guys…. r  Gun Jun pyo is back…! Read More »