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LOve It….! 

I’ve been so totally hyped for this drama since i heard about it almost a year ago.
But i had no clue it was gonna get this good, this freakin’ fast..! The graphics are bad ass, the music is heart wrenching and yet subtle, the plot’s engaging and attentive, with a nice twist of humor, the chem between the cast it amazing, and to top if off LEE BYUN HEON and Top are to of the semxest assassian/spies i’ve ever seen on TV…..!

To be honset this is the 2nd i’ve ever watched a drama exact day it air on tv. And i have to say, the first was quite an expreice you with the whole BOF (Boys over Flowers crazy/wave).  But since then i’ve become a big fan of the folks over @ And if you dont’ know about them yet, i most deff recommend u check em out. Cuz, they really are amazing, and creepily fast when it comes to have a whole ep subbed in lest than 24 hrs. Its acctully kind scary when you think about it.

But anyway, I’ve actually been thinking about posting the Iris and Your Beautiful eps from viikii, here when i have some time. So you guys, be on the look out, for those soon. Oh yeah and I’m still filling song request, so just give me a till the end of the weekend and i should have all of them up. 


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